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Citizen Sugar Launched!

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Exciting news!  The team over at Sugar Inc. has just launched a new category, introducting Citizen Sugar!  

“Following all the headlines, current events and politics, then diving into the resulting opinions and controversy, visit Citizen Sugar to find out what’s happening, who did it, and how it affects your life”.  – Sugar, Inc.

I’m thrilled to share this new site.  I allows those who want to learn more about politics and news, a place to do so, without feeling overwhelmed. 

Never being much into politics myself, I think many of us, including myself, have learned the importance of keeping up to date on political topics, and the the need to learn about canditates so we can proudly vote.  I encourage each and every one of you to get interested, and gain more knowledge!

To read more about what Citizen Sugar offers, click HERE!

Also, check out their other category sites:

PopSugar (celebrity), FabSugar (fashion), BellaSugar (beauty), SavvySugar (money/career), GiggleSugar (comedic relief), BuzzSugar (tv/movies), CasaSugar (for the home), YumSugar (food/recipes), FitSugar (stay healthy), GeekSugar (technology), PetSugar (for your pet), LilSugar (for your baby), DearSugar (q&a),  and TeamSugar (community), You’re sweet tooth for life is about to be fulfilled.


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