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Baby Turtle Green Or Baby Sh*t Green?! lol

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The Bedroom Paint Drama Continues…

Ok…room progress?  Not so much.  I zoomed in, to make it look as if the room was fully painted.  Reality?  It’s only a square above the bed that’s painted. 

The color on the wall is “Baby Turtle” by Benjamin Moore.  Thoughts?  My first thought was, “It’s got too much yellow tone in it”.  Then it started to dry.  So it got a little bit darker.  And now I think I see Pee Soup…or better, it becomes the color “Baby Sh*t Green“!  

So this color is out the door…and onto the next.  Thank goodness for sample paint jars!  I’m frustrated, but at least I know I can change it. 

Do I just lean towards a lighter color like I originally liked?  Or do I want a warmer color?  Can’t there be a light color that also warms?  Man, I wish I was better at this interior decorating stuff!

I DO have a red comforter I could use instead.  Or…I could use both and just stick with a lighter neutral color.  Yes, I think that’s my answer.


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