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Before we got married, I so badly wanted to give my husband a guitar as his wedding gift.  I had it all planned out.  So I saved.  And stashed.  And hid money all over the house.  I was going to buy him his electric guitar!!!

Though it didn’t matter where I put my savings, as I ended up just giving it up to help pay for vendors.  Things got tight and I figured less stress was a better gift to my husband than a guitar.  I figured I could still get him his guitar down the road.  But OH how he would have LOVED this idea!!!  It would have been perfect for my plan

planned on surprising him with an electric guitar at the wedding.   I’d sit in a chair on the dance floor, holding the guitar with my wedding gown and a hot pair of sunglasses to rock the look.  Hot.  How I wish it could have happened!

When I came across this idea found on,  a bit of nostalgia came over me as I remembered my plan.  What a lovely way to present a gift…a guitar with blessings and wishes on it from all the wedding guests!  Who needs a guest book when you have a guest book guitar?!  Perfect wedding idea for the rock and roll couple

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1 Grace Ormonde 2 We’re not sure, but if you stumble upon it and it’s yours, please let me know so I can credit you!  3 Found at:


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