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Make Your Hopes & Dreams Come True…Don’t Drink & Drive!

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Make This New Year A Safe One.

Tonight, many will party it up and the phrase “Happy New Year” will be yelled all over the world.   Tonight at midnight, we’ll ring in the New Year with fresh hopes, dreams, plans, and resolutions.  Tonight those hopes and dreams could quickly come to an end if you drink and drive.

So if you have to make only one resolution this year, make it one where you promise yourself, your friends, and family that you will not drink and drive.  

I’ve heard too many stories of stupid decisions turned bad, or even deadly.  And quite frankly, I’m sick of it.  It’s not only stupid, but costly, selfish, unneccessary and dangerous.  If you are driving tonight, don’t drink.  And if you do drink, get a cab.  

Make this New Year a safe one.  Go home to your loved ones tonight safe and sound, with the promise of a better year.  A Happy New Year could turn very sad if you get a DUI or kill yourself or others by drunk driving.  So, be smart.  Choose to make your hopes and dreams come true.  Choose to live.  Choose to get a cab. 

Happy New Year everyone!  And remember, if you’re drinking, drink responsibly!


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