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Shopping! Baking! Contest! Stress?

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Today is going to be a crazy day.  Tonight we are going to my husband’s Christmas work party, and I’ve got lots to do before I go!  Not only do I have to go shopping to find an outfit to wear, but I’ve also been told I need to bake something amazing.    Yes, bake something SO yummy that we hopefully win the baking contest along with a pair of airline tickets! 

But that’s not all.  This is the first time I’ll be meeting my husband’s boss, and while I’ve heard nothing but nice things, the nerves are still there.  So I’ve gotta look good, I’ve gotta bake good, and I’ve gotta pull this night off good.  Wish me luck!

The baking contest requires us to bake something then put it into a brown paper bag, nobody will know what it is, they just have to taste it, and if it tastes the best, we win!  I’m normally an excellent baker, but a horrible cook, so thank goodness it’s baking and not cooking.  However I’m still nervous…what’s a girl to bake?! 

There are so many yummy treats out there to make, and I’ve really only got about 6 hours to decide and get all of this done.  Ideas, people?  Ideas!  Throw me those recipes, help us win this thing!  And remind me to bring my “Tums”, since I’m sure I’ll be nervous meeting everyone for the first time.  It’ll be fine, it seems like a truly wonderful company, with great people, so maybe I’ll leave the Tums at home and just have a little cocktail!  Enough blogging for now, I’ve gotta get a move on this day!  I’ll post later the pictures and recipe from my baking decision.  As for now…

Let the games begin!


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