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Smelly Doggies No More!

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Dogs.  Some will say they’re the new “kids“, some will say they’re the new “hot accessories“.   I still say they’re just little lovies, who sometimes smell

Well, smell no more, little poochies!  Eh-hem, Mable (a family dog who rarely smells lovely)!  Now your dog can smell lovely just like you, with a whole line of beauty supplies just for dogs, by Juicy Couture!  Don’t laugh, I’m serious.  Enter, Juicy Crittoure!

This fabulous creation from Juicy Couture will leave your dog smelling and feeling like the royalty they are!  Check out, for your dog’s stocking stuffers this year!

For only $20.00, you can get this Juicy Crittoure spray, and get rid of that awful smell your dog often flaunts. 

“Juicy Crittoure Soft Spot”

“Because the Juicy Pooch wears her fur everyday, here’s a little spritz to make doggy ever so soft instantly. Introducing Juicy Crittoure, the first couture fragrance for dogs. This new wardrobe of couture canine fragrance and poochie personal care includes pawfum, shampooch, coif fur, soft spot, pawtection, pawlettes, polished paws, paw polish remover, and doggy house spray.” –

Headed out for a spa day?  Why not treat your pup too?  Along with the spray, have your dog’s groomer do their nails, too!   Check it out!

“Juicy Crittoure Paw Polish Remover”

“A quick, gentle polish remover blended just for doggy’s tiny, tender nails. Introducing Juicy Crittoure, the first couture fragrance for dogs.” –  

Beware…the other dogs might be jealous, causing a new leader to take on the pack!  lol


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