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Just flipping through my latest issue of “Lucky” Magazine, I came across this “new scent for women from Sean John“…opened up the tab, tried it on, and decided I must have it. 

Most scents out there are either too fruity, too sweet, too strong, or too much something!  This scent, however, smells amazing, and I really might have to go get it for myself one of these days.  Pleasantly surprised, and automatically drawn to it.  I MUST HAVE IT!

Get your 4.2 oz. bottle for $72.00 at most department stores!  Check out the other lines and gift sets at, but beware…the commercial has been banned from tv networks, for being a little too naughty!  Tisk, tisk, tisk…yum, yum, yum!

Look at me…posting all these posts, when Christmas is supposed to be about giving, here I am posting about things I want…lol Hey, Merry Grinchmas, everyone! lol (Hey…nothing wrong with dreaming, right?)


Written by Jaime

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