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Bedroom Inspiration…

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Still trying to figure out how to make our bedroom warm and cozy.  Here are some ideas I’ve come across that I love!

#1.  Similar colors…love the clean crisp look.  Not so sure about the draperies though.  I am enjoying the glow from the candles and darker lamp shades…sets the mood for relaxation!

#2.  Love the letter idea, but would prefer something more year-round, of course, maybe our initials!  I also love the silver accents with the dark wood.  I also love the idea of getting a short lamp for the end table, but could do without the greenery.  Not a bad color for the wall…warms it up.  So not a fan of those drapes though!  What’s my problem with drapes?  lol  

#3.  I love how the red wall didn’t overpower the room…as greens, yellows and whites were added, it really did give it a very cozy feel, and brightened it up as well.  Not big on the old world look, so I’d add my own touches instead.  Only problem?  I already have a red wall in our living room…so does that mean the bedroom needs to be a different color?  I wish I was better at this design stuff!

Those are my 3 pictures for today…thanks to for the inspiration! 

So what’s your favorite?  Any ideas or suggestions?  I have a light sage green/cream colored home-made quilt from my grandma that we’ll have on there…it’s beautiful, so it stays.  Our furniture is a beautiful set from Crate and Barrel…dark chocolate colored wood.  So that stays.  Our carpet is brown, not much we can do about that unless I find a miracle rug, maybe.  We shall see!


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  1. instead of the letters, try wonderful graffiti:

    Liene at Blue Orchid Designs

    thUTCp31UTC12bUTCSun, 16 Dec 2007 16:48:37 +0000 11, 2008 at 4:48 pm

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