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Paris Hilton Bubbly?

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Advertises that you’ll feel “rich”.

If you haven’t heard the the buzz, you’ll soon be able to get buzzed…on the new bubbly, “Rich Prosecco“, created by Paris Hilton.  Now that’s crafty, putting it out  right before New Years.   Wonder if anyone will actually buy it, considering it’s in a CAN

But you know it’ll spark people’s curiosity, so I’m sure it’ll sell, and I’m sure she’ll make even more money to add to her overflowing bank account! 

The bubbly (I refuse to call it champagne like everyone else is…because it’s not) has it’s Debut in Berlin tomorrow, and will be available in the U.S. next year.  Sorry U.S. peeps, you’ll have to wait!

Wonder what the socialite will be charging for this little creation?  We shall see!  Will YOU be trying her new little creation?


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