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The Cat That Ate The Canary…

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 Ever Been In A Rut?

If you’ve ever experienced being in a “rut” like most of us probably have, you know it’s hard.  It’s tolling, it’s frustrating, and it’s easy to fall into it and hang out for a while, even if you’re not happy.  Sometimes it’s just easy to settle.  Well, don’t.  Learn from this.

Someone who we love so dearly used to settle for life as it was, and has turned into someone who now refuses to settle.  He’s come to the realization that life is short, and that he deserves to be happy!   Well now he is.  He’s happy.  Happy in love, and in life.  This person really made a turn around in his life, and we’re so happy for him!  To see him smile, it’s like my husband says, “He’s like the cat that ate the canary!”. 

So to those of you out there who have struggled, or who are “in a rut”, hang in there, and know that YOU TOO deserve to be happy, and that you WILL find happiness if you haven’t already…it’s out there, so go get it!  Go get your bird!!!  And to those of you who have gone out and made their life what they really wanted it to be, rock on. 

Cheers to life, love & happiness!


Written by Jaime

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