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“Must Take” Wedding Photos…Timeless.

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Browsing blogs is truly a joy for me, especially when they have to do with weddings!  When I stumbled upon this photograph through a blog, I realized the “wow” factor it had.  It is truly such a classic, timeless photo. 

I remember when we were planning our wedding, we gave our photographer a “must take” photo list, pictures and shots we really wanted captured from our special day. 

I knew our photographer was an expert, but there were still a few we’d ask her to make sure to get, and she did.  We were so pleased! 

So if you’re planning a wedding and happen to find photos you love, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to take them!  Not only will you end up with an array of amazing photos from their point of view, but you’ll have been able to add your own special ideas too.  Happy planning!

To read the story about how this photo happened, and to see more great photography, check out this awesome blog,

It’s truly one of the coolest blogs I’ve seen!


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