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Home For The Holidays?

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With the holiday season now here, I realize how lucky I am to be home.  So many people miss out on their family holiday get togethers due to long distance issues, and it’s so hard!  Makes me sometimes wish there really was such a thing as teleporting!  How nice would it be to just press a button and appear wherever you wished? 

The holidays should be holiMONTHS, don’t you think?  It’d be so much easier, that way nobody is alone on a holiDAY, and everyone can see everyone they need to. 

Like they said on, “If traveling is simply too much of a burden, find a less hectic date that might work for a faux holiday bash. Who’s to stop you from lighting candles, singing carols, and eating turkey in January?”

So happy holimonths, everyone!  I hope you get to enjoy it with those you love. 

For other great ideas on how to figure out all that holiday stress, check out this article from The Nest!  Just click on link below to view.


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