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Sanctuary!!! To Paint Or Not To Paint?

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 Maybe neautral isn’t so bad?

Since we’ve moved to our new townhome, I’m really excited to make it ours.  My goal is to make it an inviting, warm and cozy home.  I want to get organized, and get it looking good!  However, since we’re renting, the question remains, to paint or not to paint? 

I absolutely love color, but will I love it so much when it’s time to move again and I have to paint all the walls back?  So I don’t want to go overboard, but it is important to me to add some touch of color where needed. 

I’ve already tackled the living room.  We painted the one accent wall in the living room red…and the rest a khaki color.  But now I’m twiddling my thumbs over the bathroom, hallways, and 2 bedrooms.  A lot of work ahead of me, so I just want to make sure I make the right decisions.  

Maybe color is the answer?

Since we have a lovely quilt that my grandma made for us for our wedding, I’d love to decorate around that.  It’s got ivory and green shades in it, so perhaps I should paint our bedroom accordingly, to help make it pop? 

Or being that there’s already color in the quilt, do I stray away from color on the walls?  Maybe one accent wall would be good, like shown in this picture.  I can’t decide.  And do I really want a green wall?  I like this shade, but feel it might be too dark for what I’m going for.  Why can’t I make up my mind? lol

Don’t even get me started on the other rooms.  In our bathroom we’ll have a pewter colored shower curtain, but the bathroom is already (kinda ugly) a marroon-brown theme.  So now what?  We are allowed to put new floor/wall tile in there as long as it’s neautral, but that won’t happen for a while (one thing at a time here!).  So I’m completely lost on that.

As for the guest room, I think we’ll definitely stick to neautral colors.  But not the same khaki color as the living room.  Something lighter, maybe.  As we don’t know if we’re making it a guest room or an office, depending on whether or not my sister decides to use the guest room furniture for her new place since she’s moving too.  I’d love to start planning a baby’s room in there, but if you know me, you know I’ll probably keep saying 3 or 4 more years for the next 3 or 4 more years…lol.  It’s not funny, really, but time’s flying by so quickly, I’ll already be 29 years old in January!  Maybe I should think baby’s room.  Eh, let’s wait on that.

So that leaves us with the hallways.  What to do, what to do.  Stick with whiteOr make it flow with the living room and do the same khaki color?  Then there’s the entryway.  Part of the living room, but do I do another red accent wall or keep it khaki???  I’m not good at this stuff.  I need suggestions, so if anyone has any, it’d be greatly appreciated! lol  Thanks for listening to me hymn and hawww….have a lovely!

What’s that you say?  Did you mention Feng Shui?  Let’s save that chat for another day.


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