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Feng Shui: “Design that considers the energy within your home, your belongings and even within yourself. The goal is to create a space that feels safe and supportive, while also speaking to who you are and hope to become.” –      

For years my friend Stephanie would talk to me about Feng Shui and I’d just look at her like she was nuts.  But the older I get, the more intrigued by it I become, as I could use a little order and organization in my life!  So why not at least look into it?  So here I am.  After researching some fun “feng shui” tips, I decided to share with you a few I found that I might actually use! 

1. Entryway – Don’t walk into a wall or dead end. If necessary, add a mirror to help visually expand the space.

2. Kitchen  Make sure you can see the entrance of the kitchen when you’re cooking,  by hanging a mirror on your backsplash to reflect the room.

3. Living Room – Marry objects and face furniture together so they’re in relationship to one another.

4. Office –  Don’t sit with your back toward the office door.  (Wow, I just realized how “feng shui” my husband is when we go out to eat…he’s always got to be facing the door…lol). 

5. Bedroom – Use warm colors, flesh tones or red and pink to spice up the room and your romance. (I guess that answers my bedroom paint question! lol)

6. Bathroom – Add earth and fire elements. Get a list of suggestions here.

Just one tip per room, but there are several!  If you’re interested in learning more about Feng Shui, check out! 

Gotta run, on my way to find some wood, fire, earth, metal and water elements!  lol Riiiiight….


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