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If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “It’s not easy being green”, well, guess what…times are a changing!  Ask Kermit The Frog, he’s shown here checking out the new Ford Escape Hybrid, which they’re saying is the the most fuel-efficient SUV on earth!

If you aren’t going to run now to buy a hybrid, why not go green in other ways?  In honor of Blog Action Day, here are a few ideas I have on how to go green…let’s all get this green ball rolling!  Transform with me.  Read with me.  Go green with me.  Together, we can all make a difference, and make our planet healthier!

1. Recycle, recycle, recycle!  Whatever you can.  Don’t have recycling in your neighborhood?  Try to get it started, or save them until you visit a friend or family member who is able to recycle.

2. Turn garbage into gifts!  I enjoy keeping my magazines for two reasons.  Rather than throw them out, I keep a few every now so I can show my kids someday what articles were important back in “my day”.  Not a pack rat like me?  Then get creative!  Rather than throwing out magazines or bottles, I enjoy modge-podging bottles for friends and family.  Just cut out pictures/phrases from magazines that remind you of that person, put them together onto the bottle with tape making a collage, and then use Modge Podge as the laquer finish for the bottle…wrap a ribbon around the neck, and wala!  Art!  From the heart!  This also works great with shoe boxes, frames, anything!  I LOVE Modge Podge!

3. Don’t buy paper plates.  Or plastic cups/silverware.  Instead, get off your butt and do the dishes!!!  Not only are you helping save the planet, you’re also saving your ass by getting more excersize…lol!

4.  Plan your weeks in advance.  That way you use less gas running back and forth everywhere because you forgot you had to do something else!  Or, carpool with friends/family, split the cost of gas, and wala, more green in your pocket and more green in the planet’s pocket!

5.  Stop!  Don’t throw out that stack of used paper from your work!  Instead, keep used paper in pile, and at the end of every month, donate it to schools to use (the other side which is blank).  See now you’re saving trees!

6.  When you’re done using your coffee pot, toaster, lamp, fan, whatever, unplug it!  Not only are you saving energy, you’re also saving money!  And please, turn off those lights when you’re done using them.  Or buy some energy efficient bulbs.  Better yet, if you can, light some candles!  Now you’ve set a relaxing mood. 🙂  Aaaah way better than that darn light which was probably giving you a headache anyway!

7.  Plant a tree.  Flowers.  Grow something!  Earn a green thumb, and you’ll earn a green planet. 🙂

8.  If your water tastes good, drink it!  Pour it into a glass from your sink.  Come on.  Do we really need to keep drinking out of bottled water???  No…unless of course your water tastes gross, and if that’s the case then invest in a water cooler instead.  Less waste.  Same great taste!

9.  Bring your own bags when you go shopping!  Check out some cool ones from Trader Joe’s, they’re only $1.50 each, I believe!  And they’re cute!  See?  Green AND trendy!

10.  Go digital.  Invest in a digital camera, that way you’re not wasting film rolls/containers, or paper, because you can just print the pictures you want!

There.  Those are my 10 great ideas…pretty simple, and even if you’ve already heard them before which I’m sure you have, at least it’s a good reminder.  Now I challenge all of YOU to come up with 10 green ideas too.  I challenge YOU to go green!Get posting, get green.  Now where’d Kermit go?! lol


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