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Martini Flair!

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The other night I was watching a cooking show, where they actually used a disco ball to pour martinis!  They first poked 3 holes in the bottom of the ball, and a larger hole on top.  They hung the disco ball with a heavy-duty string, and set up martini glasses in a circle under the ball.  They used a funnel to pour the mixed martini into the disco ball through the top hole, and as the mix went into the ball, it came out through the bottom 3 holes which then poured into the martini glasses as the disco ball turned!  IT WAS SO COOL!!! 

I thought to myself, how cool would that be to hire some awesome flair bartenders for your event to not only make some yummy cocktails, but to provide some great entertainment as well!  Tried finding the video on that, had no luck, but instead found this…which is also very cool.  Check it out! 


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