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Decorate That Ceiling!

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Got an ugly ceiling?  Don’t know what to do with it?  Planning an event and want to dress it up a bit? 

Try these ideas, found on!

Firefly in San Francisco (shown above) has a unique ceiling, conceived not by an interior designer, but the owners of the restaurant. Suspended linen is framed by rope, creating an open, relaxed feeling that’s perfect in its imperfection, which may be exactly what you need!Firefly Restaurant’s fix is a simple solution that anyone could adapt to their own space with some cloth, rope and a heavy duty staple gun.”

Considering other ideas?  Here are a few more from Dwell!

Cork Deluxe by ModWalls: $37.50 (per sheet) $18.75 per-square-foot.

Wall Flats by Inhabit: $86 per box (10 tiles) or $3.82 per-square-foot.

Deco Ceiling Tiles from Colorado-Ceilings: $1.69 per-square-foot.


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