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Platinum Cake: $130,000! Wow.

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“Ladies, frost yourselves!” How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Check out this platinum cake.  It’s interesting, but for me, it’s all about the frosting…as long as I have yummy frosting, I’m a happy girl!

Found on

‘A Japanese pastry chef and jeweller have joined forces to create a spectacular cake festooned with platinum ornaments.

Nobue Ikara’s multi-tiered cake is draped in platinum necklaces as well as edible platinum foils, which can be worn either as a hair pin or as a necklace, reports.

The cake has been dedicated to Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi, leading model Chie Kumasawa as well as other eminent women across the arts and in industry and was constructed as a promotional tool to entice women to buy more platinum jewellery.

Mikiko Ichikawa, of the Platinum Guild, said: “I think platinum and a white cake is the best possible combination as a present for women because both have the same colour of white, which is said to have pureness and brightness that lasts forever.”‘

The cake retails at $130,000.


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