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Cherished Memories With Collages!

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I’ll never forget, when I was in high school, I created a HUGE collage on my wall.  It  was a work of art that I took great pride in.  I’m still amazed to this day that my mother let me put tape on that wall…but I’m thankful. 

My collage was made out of art, magazine clippings, articles, words, everything I’d find that described me, went up on that wall.  No pictures of people, just art and words. 

Today, I enjoy creating collages on other items, such as bottles, vases, boxes, frames, you name it.  I just enjoy making them personal, as each one is different to describe the person it’s being made for.

I’ll show you some of my work soon, but for now I want to share another artist who makes amazing collages, with portraits.  Michelle Caplan.  I’ve seen this work done before, but never so beautiful as this. 

Go to, to see more of what I’m loving!  Her work is breathtaking…it really captures the moments, and creates a beautiful treasures to forever hold onto.  Here’s one piece she did…check it out!  Tell me that’s not true love!

For more information on this artist, you can also check out her shops: and


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