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Sometimes I Get Post Crazy!

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Sometimes, when I’m on the computer, searching for new unique event planning ideas, pictures, etc., I get a little post crazy.  I just can’t help it, I become obsessed with all the pretty little things out there.  I love it all, so I have to share!

Now, picture me.  If you know me personally and you know me well, you will laugh at this.  This is so me.  I used to type in the living room while my husband was on the couch, and he’d be amazed at how fast I type.  It’s true, I’m a very fast typist.  He used to enjoy the sound of the clickety-clacking on the keyboard, which makes me laugh even more.  Check this out…it’s just too perfect! 

Hilarious.  I love it!

Thanks to for the great cartoon!


Written by Jaime

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