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I came across this picture from, and it immediately caught my eye.  If you look closely, it almost looks as though the bride’s veil is making the shape of wings, making her even more “angelic” looking than she already was that day.

There are so many amazing poses for photographers to shoot.  Some, however, are best when the people in the picture are not even aware the shot is being taken. 

Make sure before your wedding day that you interview several photographers, ask them tons of questions.   Handing them a “must take photo” list can come in handy the day of, to make sure your photographer gets the shots taken that are really important to you.

  If you are worried about photography poses taking too much time out of your wedding day, no worries!   Several brides choose to have their pictures done ahead of time, sometimes even days or weeks ahead! 

This idea works great for portraits of the bride, many will put that dress on in advance, get those pictures done, so on their wedding day there is less time posing and more time enjoying their actual wedding day.  After all, it only happens once! 

For ideas on what questions to ask photographers, or for “must take photo” inspiration, check out, a very useful and helpful wedding planning site!


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