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Ouch! Mosquito Bites!

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 Be afraid, be very afraid dear mosquitos.  Repellent is on it’s way!



A few posts earlier I wrote about all the rain we had.  Awesome storms, got some cool pictures, it was great!  However, they say with the rain comes mosquitos, and that’s exactly what’s happened.  I have so many mosquito bites that one might think I’ve gotten the chicken pox once again!  It’s rediculous. 

These little suckers are everywhere…and they LOVE me!  These mosquito bites are driving me nuts…I’ve never been so itchy in my life.  My husband keeps telling me not to itch them, but I can’t help it!  I need relief so I think I might go take some Benadryl in a minute. 

I just don’t understand it.  I get bitten everywhere on my body, yet my husband has not gotten bitten at all!  He says it’s because I’m “sweet”, so the mosquitos like me more.  Gotta love him! 

With mosquitos comes spiders too, and those I could definitely do without!  Which is why I’m happy to say that fall is near, and after fall comes winter of course…so hopefully soon all these little jerk bugs will freeze to death.  Until then, it’s to the store for bug spray! 


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