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The Bachelorette Party ~ Survived! Pics inside!

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They say what happens at bachelorette parties stays at bachelorette parties…ha ha but not when I bring a camera!  Read on to find out what fun things took place and to see some cute pictures! 

After lots of planning & hard work, my friend’s bachelorette party was quite the success!  We started the night out at Cab’s Wine Bar & Bistro in downtown Glen Ellyn, IL.  Wonderful place, excellent food & service!  We truly had such a great meal and wonderful conversation.   There were only 6 of us at dinner, so it was very cozy and quaint.  Perfect! 

After dinner we headed on out to the afterparty, only to pose in front of a Ferrari parked outside first!  Sssssh…we can pretend it’s ours, right?  When we finally arrived it was time to get the party started!  Cracked open the champagne, wine, and other refreshments, got the cakes ready, and chilled out a bit. 

Don’t worry, we didn’t “chill out” for too long before it was time for us to dress up and put on a little show for the bride!  Ha ha…yes, we all gave the bride a goofy dance, while she sat there and laughed at us.  I think she was stunned!  Fear not!  Dancing is not enough, so we decided it was time to all hang out and imitate the bride.  So we did.  And she loved it.  She laughed so hard she cried!!!  Each of us did our own little skit pretending we were the bride, starting with things she used to say or do back in the day to recent times, we were ALL rolling on the floor laughing.  Just great fun!  No typical games this time.  Nope, we just entertained ourselves, and it turned out fabulous! 

A few more pictures to come, so check back soon!  But not too soon, as the wedding is TOMORROW!!!!!!!  Congratulations, Laura and Rob!  May you both be blessed with a long, happy, and healthy life together as husband and wife!


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