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The Sun Spa ~ A Well Deserved Treat!

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Must See & Do: The Sun Spa in Lemont, IL. 

Those who know me know how pale I am.  Yes, go ahead, call me Casper the friendly ghost, it’s not like I haven’t heard it before!  Today, however, I went with my friend to check out a tanning salon that my other friend opened! 

My friend and I ended up getting airbrush tanned…where a girl actually sprays you herself.  This is the first time I’ve ever been airbrushed.  Or really tan, for that matter!  I prefer to stay out of the sun, as we all know how damaging it’s rays can be.  I do however, have a wedding to go to in a week, so the bride and I went together for a nice little treat!

The salon was absolutely beautiful!  We walked in and everything was very clean, neat and organized.  The staff was very professional and really knew their product.  I was a bit nervous at first, as I did not want tan lines on top…but the girl who sprayed us was great.  She made us feel so comfortable, without any worries or embarrassment.  She did an excellent job, too!  No streaks, no orange color…it’s very natural looking.  I’ve already gotten tons of compliments on my airbrushed tan!  It’s possible I might officially be hooked!

The Sun Spa specializes in airbrush tanning, which is becoming one of the hottest trends!  Their airbrushing process ensures your body is sprayed evenly, doesn’t discolor your hair or nails, and can be customized to show definition in your body. Best of all, it does NOT  turn your skin orange like the usual spray tan machines do. 

Get your whole body done or just the parts you want.  This is the same process as seen on the hit TV show “Sunset Tan” on E.  The Sun Spa is a great way to get the color you want for a wedding, special occasion, or just to look tan.  Best of all, it is totally UV FREE!  Not only that, it’s totally affordable! 

If you decide on a different tanning method, they have wonderful high quality brand new beds and stand up machines.  No matter what you choose, you’re going to look fabulous once you leave The Sun Spa!  They also have a room where you can make an appointment and get a relaxing, well deserved massage!  Check it out.  And walk out refreshed.


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