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In Love With Vintage Hats!

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Yesterday I was at this antique shop just browsing around.  I thought I would give it a chance since it had been forever since I’d shopped at one.  Just looking, of course, but how fun it was!  While some of the vintage items were boring, others were quite lovely!   

Thanks to this antique shop, I now know where to go in case I ever need a syrup container from an old pancake house!   But who needs syrup when you can get your very own saucy 40’s style women’s hat…complete with veil and flower!   I wonder, why the veil?  Was it to be worn by widows?  Or brides?  Or was a front veil on a hat just a stylish thing back then?

I loved looking at these items, because it made me think about style, how it was then, how it is now, and how times repeat themselves.  Sure, we don’t wear those crazy hats around today, but I bet you still see them on the runways.  And who knows, maybe they will come back in style again someday!

I am thinking about purchasing one lovely 40’s style hat just for myself.  For just $5, I could own my very own vintage hat!  Sure, you won’t find me walking down State Street with it on, I’m not that brave!  However, I wouldn’t mind owning a crazy hat just to look at and admire!  I’d sit and wonder who it once belonged to, what their life was like, especially being from the 1940’s!  And maybe I’d even wear it out for Halloween.   Though I don’t know, some of those suckers are a little too crazy!


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