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 Gems, Stars, Saints, and Angels.  All among my family!

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Tonight was my cousin’s going away party, as he’s going away to college later this week.  Every family get together is always a joy to go to, it’s always so nice to catch up with all of your relatives…even if just for a few hours, it’s time well spent. 

Lives get so busy and hectic sometimes that it’s almost too easy to not get together enough.  But life is short, so we need to get together more, we need our families and friends, they keep us grounded, sane, and best of all, loved.  

My husband and I have had a roller coaster of a year this past year, and thanks to our family, things are starting to slowly but truly look up.  Thank God for my husband too, I married an amazing, patient and loving man.  But I’ll brag about him in another post…lol.

Sitting out on the front porch with my mom and my aunts, girl talk was great.  Each of them are unique and special in their own little ways.  One aunt has been my best friend and like a second mother to me my entire life…always kind, loving, generous and supportive.   One aunt a helpful, loving and lending hand, and the other aunt a friendly, inspiring, soulful and creative spirit.  And of course then there is my mom, who has sacrificed everything she’s ever had for my sisters and I.  I owe her my life. 

All of them, whether alone or combined, make the perfect blessing.  I hit the jackpot when I was born into this family.  Not only are my aunts and my mom amazing, but so is the rest of my family.  We’re all so very close, and it’s a great feeling knowing that no matter what, we’ll always have family.  We are indeed, truly blessed!


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  1. You are sweet!!!


    thUTCp31UTC08bUTCWed, 15 Aug 2007 02:27:50 +0000 11, 2008 at 2:27 am

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    ndUTCp30UTC04bUTCWed, 22 Apr 2009 12:06:58 +0000 11, 2008 at 12:06 pm

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