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A must read!:

“90 Minutes In Heaven” – by Don Piper

I hear it's a good book!

This book caught my eye while in Border’s Bookstore today.  Ever have a day where the sun is shining and everything in your heart is calm and peaceful for some reason?  That was my day today…especially after I read a little of this book over coffee before I bought it.  Just skimmed the pages, but it seemed interesting, so I was willing to give it a shot.  And I’m glad I did!

Some may be skeptical, but I believe we all see a little bit of heaven  through our daily lives…or ideas of what it might be.  And if this guy really was there, then that’s pretty neat in itself!  Even if he wasn’t, we’ll never know…but his story is so inspiring.  This man used to be a skeptic himself, but says he KNOWS for a fact he went to Heaven.  Whether or not we choose to believe it is our decision, but for himself, at least he knows.  This book will help those believers find peace, and non-believers open their minds to what they might not have ever given a chance otherwise.

Besides, I have my Faith…and I Believe in God, so I surely don’t doubt others that may have had experiences in miracles or things like that.  God has kept me grounded through life.  He’s gotten me through life.  He’s always with me, and it’s a comfort I can’t explain.

If you don’t have Faith in something, try learning…give Faith a try…it’ll lift loads off your back and help you find peace, even when you think it’s the worst day of your life, you’ll find peace through Faith.  For me, it’s through God.  So whether you find your peace through God, or Buddha or whatever…if it gives you peace and makes you a good person, it’s good.  God Bless!!!


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