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Fruit or Vegetable? Now that is the question!

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 Did your mom ever tell you, “Finish your vegetables, honey!”  Now wouldn’t it be funny to look back and wonder what she would have done if you had challenged her on her knowledge of the fact that “But mom, those aren’t vegetables!!!”  I would have been grounded for months…lol.  Now let’s learn!

 Fruiteggies...ha ha

This weekend I had the pleasure of a phone call from my dearest cousin and best friend Jill.  She was having a discussion with her husband about how a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable, and then we got onto the topic of other so-called vegetables, that technically are fruit.  How do you know?  I mean, is everything with seeds considered a fruit?  So I researched this deep thought of hers, and here is what I came up with.


So what about the other ones?  Like pumpkins, cucumbers, green beans, etc?

Here is what Science Bob has to say about this question: Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? (from,)

Answer: “To really figure out if a tomato is a fruit or vegetable, you need to know what makes a fruit a fruit, and a vegetable a vegetable. The big question to ask is, DOES IT HAVE SEEDS?

If the answer is yes, then technically, you have a FRUIT. This, of course, makes your tomato a fruit. It also makes cucumbers, squash, green beans and walnuts all fruits as well.”  By these definitions, a pumpkin is a fruit, botanically speaking. So are squash and zucchini.

Modern society commonly refers to all these fruits as vegetables:

  • Pumpkin
  • Squash
  • Tomato
  • Cucumbers
  • Green beans
  • Capsicum peppers
  • Bell peppers

Pumpkin with seeds

Did you know The United States Supreme Court even got into this discussion and gave a legal verdict on whether or not a  tomato should be classified as a vegetable or a fruit. They decided in Nix versus Hedden, 1883, that a tomato is a vegetable, even though it is a botanical fruit.

So, to answer your question, Jill, a Jalapeno is a fruit.  Jury adjourned!  NOW….the REAL trick question:  What about a “seedless watermelon?” ha ha To be continued….


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